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Wedding Ceremony Script

Where to start? How to create a wedding ceremony script which flows well and has all messages that you want to convey? There are several DYI sites that have information that may help create your own ceremony. Can you do it by yourself? Of course you can, this is not rock science. But it takes time and lots of work to know what works and what doesn’t.

Some of my wedding planner friends tell me of stories of family members or friends that start talking and have no away to end the ceremonies. I recommend whatever you do have a written scrip and ask your guest celebrant to follow. Or ask your guest celebrant to present the script prior to the ceremony to make sure it is within the time you have allowed for the ceremony.

How can we help you writing your wedding ceremony script?   We have written over 800 ceremonies most of them bilingual.  We start by scheduling a  video chat with the couple to go over the requirements for the marriage license prior and after the ceremony. We will go over the program of the ceremony based on the needs of the couple.  By writing your wedding ceremony script your celebrant will have all the instructions to have a great celebration.  The ceremony may be written in English, Portuguese and/or Spanish.

The couples that used our services in the past report that they used the ceremony script more than once, here and then in  their countries of origin. They have translated  the wedding script to languages that we don’t speak so it become a great tool for different couples. It is also a wedding script that the couples can re-live over and over in every anniversary as a way to keep fresh in their memories the promises made that very special day of their lives.


Personalized (one language): $150.00

Personalized Plus (Bilingual): $175.00